In March 2020 North Dakota Governor's Doug Burgum responded to the growing Corona Virus threat. Schools throughout the state were ordered to close. 

The Afterschool Place will follow the guidelines put in place by the ND Department of Children and Family Services, ND Health Department and the CDC's guidelines to create a safe space for smart restart in August. 

Bismarck Public Schools COVID-19 Updates

            Lori. What about Pancake Wednesday and Baking?

 We have a plan. The great thing about Bismarck's Childcare scene is 

 options. There's just no way we would take away such an important

 after school activity for the kids to share their self expression.

 So, here's the plan.

       Our new plan is to stick with the old plan just change it up a bit. 

 Each team will be serving pancakes to their team. Easy peasy.

        During our during the high baking season we'll be creating

 holiday favorites for our families instead of the whole group.

 Each team will have their own day in the kitchen. Ya gotta love that!         

    The Afterschool Place

        2020  Open House

  Hey Parents..

  This year our open house will be a    little different.

  Each school will have their own   time slot for 20 minutes. This time   will be used for family pictures,   update health info, and have the   kids check out the bus.

     The #1 thing the Afterschool   Place does really well, is working 

 in small groups but on a large scale.

   Stay tuned for date and times.