" Broken Wing"

                    a flight for survival

 This year we are very fortunate to be able to work with so  

 many wildlife specialists from a broad spectrum of federal

 and state agencies committed to saving the Piping Plover, a  

 small shore bird who visits the sandy shores of the Mighty  

 Missouri in the spring.

‚Äč   In March 2018 the kids went to work on a short documentary. The 18 minute film shares some of the Plovers History.   

     A very big thank you to our conservation partners; US

 Army Corp of Engineers, ND Game & Fish, US Fish &  

 Wildlife, U.S. Department of Agriculture..

  thank you..Lori and the Kids

Click on Delilah to hear the Calvineers.


     Many moons ago Zoo Stories began with a simple story about  Delilah an endangered Atlantic  

 Right Whale who washed up on shore after dying from a vessel collision. Her remains were the

 first fully intact skeleton of a Right Whale and were brought to the local museum to be used for

 educating the public.

   Delilah left behind a young calf by the name of Calvin. In 2001 Calvin herself needed to be

 rescued, she had a long green rope hanging from her mouth. Crews were dispatched and the

 rope was detached, a few years later in 2005, Calvin turned up in the Bay of Fundy with a calf

 of her own.

   Hearing the good news the Calvineers, a group of young people, put their voices together in

 support of the efforts to help the endangered Atlantic Right Whales.

   After hearing the story of Delilah and Calvin the Kids at the Afterschool Place wanted to do  

 something for endangered species to insure that all wild species have a wild space to call home.

   "How do we do that?" A few ideas were tossed around and after a  quick vote the kids decided,  

 "We're going on the road." Since 2009 the kids have spoken to and performed for more than  

 2200 people in the Bismarck and Mandan community. Some of the species we have covered are  

 Whooping Crane, Black Footed Ferrets, Dakota Skipper, Lesser Prairie Chicken, Pallid Sturgeon

     and our very own Missouri River shore bird the threatened Piping Plover.    

the Calvineers