Music Matters

"Yes, we're busy, but we're busy with the business of being a kid!"

 In 2008 we began with a simple mission in mind, "Provide positive out of school time activities through youth & community development."  It's a basic premise steeped in social work to provide a possible solution for parents when navigating the most crucial hours in their child's day-the after school crunch from 3 to 6.   

                                                                                                  We're Open 

                                     Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday we're open from 3-6:00pm, Wednesday & Friday 3-5:30pm.

 Conveniently located, you'll find us across the street from Bismarck High School at 800 N 7th St, downstairs in the fellowship hall at First Lutheran Church.  

                                 We offer a safe, family style environment with transportation included within your tuition.

                                                            "What kinds of activities will my child be involved in?"     

Throughout the week the kids are on field trips exploring our community and in search of new adventures. Because we're based on quarters every three months or so the kids engage in something different. 

                                                                  Tri-Art and Mr.Brucker's Outdoor Classroom

Each year the kids jump into video production - filming short feature films, cooking shows and more. Just tap on the pictures below and watch the kids at work.                                                                         

                                                                            A New Day Studio & TAP Video Library

                                                              Click on the picture links to view the Kid's videos.

             Camp Slaughter                                            Big Foot Plain & Tall                              Murder of Crows                                 Snacks in a Snap

              Big Foot Returns                                                 short feature                                     at Little Bigfoot                                        cooking show