In 2008 we began with a simple mission in mind, "Provide positive out of school time activities through youth & community development."  It's a basic premise steeped in social work to provide a possible solution for parents when navigating the most crucial hours in their child's day-the after school crunch from 3 to 6.   

 We're Open   Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday - 3-6: 00 pm,  Wednesday & Friday  3-5: 30 pm.

 The Afterschool Place activities are based on quarters. Activities include; Lego Thursday, Pancake Wednesday, children's puppet theater, video production, science, and an expanded visual arts program.

 A New Day Studio & TAP Video Productions Library. Click on the pictures to watch the kids at work. Camp Slaughter Big Foot Returns, Big Foot Plain & Tall,  Murder of Crows at Little Bigfoot,  Snacks in a Snap. 

Call or text to schedule a visit. See you soon, Lori and the Kids.  701-250-3109                                 

Bismarck children's theater and fine art

"Yes, we're busy, but we're busy with the business of being a kid!"

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