***** 2018 Afterschool Place Short Documentary ******

Broken Wing-a flight for survival 

The Piping Plover is a tiny endangered shore bird that summers on the sandbars of the Missouri. High water, disappearing sandbars and dangerous predators. What's a Plover to do? They need our help before times runs out.... Click on the Plover chick to see what you can do.

                           ***  2016 Afterschool Place Short Film ***                            
          Bride of the Bayou     .........       Roland a bus driver from New Orleans made a bad decision.                       


                                     We're super easy to find.  

                                                       800 N 7th St, Bismarck 

                                                             (701) 250-3109

                 We're across the street from Bismarck High School at First Lutheran. 

​                                         Schools on our routes

                                Miller            Pioneer         Shiloh       Will-Moore

                             Grimsrud             Sunrise            Murphy  

                        WELCOME   SOLHEIM ELEMENTARY


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Broken Wing